Baby Tales

Baby Tales

There are many old wives tales surrounding babies. It’s a good thing that new parents today need not worry about them. In fact, if new parents did some of these things today, they could likely be charged with some serious offences as some of these are just plain dangerous.

  • If a new mother takes her baby along to visit someone and leaves a baby item behind in the house, a woman in that household will become pregnant in the near future.

  • Placing a bible and a pair of scissors underneath a baby’s pillow will ward off evil spirits.

  • If someone looks at a robust baby, or a garden, with envy, this is known as the ‘evil eye.’ The baby or the garden could shrink as a result.

  • Parents can protect their baby from receiving the evil eye by placing some soot on the baby’s forehead.

  • Asafoetida is a brown sticky substance that is derived from the roots of some plants. It was once believed that placing this substance in a blue cloth and placing it in the baby’s hand, or placing it in the hair, will ward off evil spirits.

  • If a baby urinates while being taken out for a walk, the person walking the baby must place their finger in the urine and rub it into the baby’s navel.

  • If a woman is having a menstrual cycle, she should never walk into a bedroom to see a baby – but only if it’s a boy baby.

  • If a baby falls asleep as it is about to be taken somewhere out of the house, the mother must say it’s name and say, “We are going.” This way the baby will behave while it is out.

  • A baby can be cured of a big bellybutton if the father of the child places his big toe inside the navel and pushes it out.

  • If a baby is nursing and burps on the mother’s breast, she should hit the baby across the mouth three times with the breast. If she fails to do so, the breast will swell and cause her much pain.

  • While nursing a baby boy, the mother must make sure that no milk falls onto his penis or else he will become impotent

Baby Tales

Baby Tales

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