Clothing Tales


It’s amazing how there seems to be an old wives tale for just about everything, including the clothing that we wear.

  • It was once believed that body jewellery was worn to ward off evil spirits. This belief came from the fact that evil spirits entered the body through five orifices and by placing jewellery in those orifices, evil spirits could not enter. However, the jewellery that was placed in any of these places carried there own tales.

  • Emeralds were considered to be bad luck because they were the most common jewel to be used for religious figures and therefore, became a main target for robbers. Opals were also considered unlucky until the 13th century alchemist Albertus Magnus declared that a wearer of opal could become invisible by wrapping the precious gem in bay leaves. During the medieval times, pearls were thought to be unlucky because they were believed to be solidified tears. Diamonds were considered to be the luckiest precious gem of all. They would not only ward off evil spirits but they would also prevent the wearer from insanity.

  • If you are wearing gloves and drop one, it is unlucky to pick it up yourself. However, it is good luck if someone else picks it up. Both the glove wearer and the one to pick it up will benefit from this good fortune.

  • It is very lucky to put on an item of clothing inside-out by mistake. For the luck to come however, you must not take the piece of clothing off until you would normally do so.

  • If you hook an item of clothing or button up an item of clothing incorrectly, that is a sign that bad luck is soon to come.

  • It is unlucky to put your left arm, left foot, or left leg into an item of clothing before the right.

  • When a girl’s pants or underwear slips down some, this is a sign that someone she loves is thinking about her.

  • If a girl’s pants or underwear suddenly get two or more holes in them, she will be receiving a gift shortly.

  • Garters have always been regarded as symbols of good luck. Girls used to place them under their pillow at night in the hopes of dreaming of their future husband.

  • It was once considered lucky for a girl to get married with no underwear under her wedding dress. This came from the fact that the new husband would automatically incur any debts brought to the marriage with his new wife. If a girl were to walk down the aisle wearing only her dress, then those she owed would take pity on her for not having enough money for proper clothing. They in turn, would forgive her debt.

  • It’s a sign of good luck to tie a knot in a handkerchief. It was once thought that evil spirits would be so interested in the mysterious shape that they would forget about causing the person any trouble.

  • If you put a hat on starting at the back, you will most likely have a bad day.

  • If a woman wears a man’s hat, it’s a sign that she wants to be kissed.

  • Shoes on a table are a sign that a hanging is near.

  • It’s bad luck if shoes are crossing each other while they are on the floor. It’s also a sign of bad luck if shoes are put on the wrong feet.

  • If you walk anywhere wearing only shoe, it’s a sign that one of your parents is about to die.

  • If you are just about to embark on a journey and your shoelace comes untied, you should not go on the journey as that’s a sign of bad luck.

  • If you tie someone else’s shoelace, you should make a wish as you do so.

  • You should wear a new item of clothing on Easter Day because that is a day of new beginning.

Clothing Tales

Clothing Tales

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