Bad Luck


We have all either used or at least heard the term bad luck streak, but if you pay close attention to what some people believe cause bad luck and try to avoid it you may find yourself with only good luck left behind.

Here is a run-down of old wives tales concerning bad luck:

  • A bat flying into your home.

  • An owl hooting three times in a row.

  • If you see three butterflies flying together.

  • Spilling salt this one can be redeemed by grabbing some of the salt and throwing it over your left shoulder. This is believed to be the way in which to throw the salt into the eyes of the evil spirits that are lying in wait.

  • A five leaf clover.

  • Putting your shirt on wrong side out.

  • Staring at the new moon over your left shoulder.

  • If giving toast and your break the glass you will be bringing bad luck to yourself.

  • A rooster crowing at night.

  • Placing a hat on your bed.

  • Never get out of bed with your left foot first or you will have bad luck all day.

  • Breaking a mirror will bring on 7 years of bad luck.

  • Singing before breakfast .

  • Opening an umbrella inside the house is sure to bring bad luck to the entire household.

  • Be sure when you receive a wedding present to never give it away or it will bring bad luck to the marriage.

  • If you see an owl during the daytime, beware of misfortune.

  • Giving a knife to someone as a present bring bad luck to the friendship.

  • If the groom happens to drop the wedding ring during the ceremony, the marriage will not last.

  • Take off any clothing prior to mending or bad luck will befall you.

  • If a grave digger walks toward you it means you will become very seriously ill.

  • When you leave the house and forgot something and must return indoors, then you should count to 10 before leaving again or you will have bad luck.

Bad Luck

Bad Luck

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