The Mysterious Cry


Legends abound all over the world; however, this one takes place in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

The story began in the middle of the 1800ís when a young manís mother, that lived quite a far away from any city or town, took ill. Night was beginning to fall and he would have to travel a very long way in order to find a doctor to bring back to his home. A friend of his asked him to wait until sunrise, but he was afraid that his mother would not make it until morning; therefore, he decided to travel in the dark.

He got on his horse and began at full gallop toward the city. About half way to the city, there stood an old abandoned Hacienda. As he was passing by, he heard a sound that he thought he recognized. He slowed down and listened a bit. Then he thought he should check out the sound. As he got closer to the abandoned Hacienda, he realized the sound was that of a crying baby. Thoughts began to race in his head, did someone leave the baby in this old building, were there bandits in there causing this noise to get him to stop so they could rob in, and so on and so forth.

He stopped again for a few short minutes to listen. The crying stayed the same and he was convinced it was the cries of a baby, so he headed on into the house.

When he went in, he found nothing, no food, no light, and no people around anywhere. He could still hear the baby crying, so he began his search. He found the baby within a few minutes and thought he should wait to see if any family members would arrive. After awhile, he decided he had to get to the city to get the doctor to his ailing mother and since the family had not arrived, he would take the baby with him on to the city. There maybe he could find some help for the infant.

As he walked up to his horse, the horse along with the baby seemed to be very restless. He finally calmed down his horse, climbed up, and headed to the city.

He could tell the baby was still very restless and believing it could be hungry or that something else could be wrong he began to ride faster. As he came closer to the city limits, he tried to calm the baby by telling him that he would find someone to give him some milk in the city. Instead of the baby crying he heard the baby in a deep harsh voice "Donít worry. I already have teeth for meat." The baby then launched an evil laugh that caused the man to freeze. The baby jumped from the horse and ran off laughing.

At that moment, the man realized it had been carrying the Devil along with him. The man began to age rapidly. As soon as he approached the city, he headed for the cathedral, explained his story to the Priest and then passed away from old age.

From this day forward, everyone stays clear of the old abandoned hacienda and never travel alone at night afraid they may be the next one to pick up the Devil as a traveling companion. Many say you can still hear the baby crying in the old building.

The Mysterious Cry

The Mysterious Cry

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