Werewolf Legend


We have all seen the old scary movies about the vicious werewolves that attack unexpected travelers; however, do you know where this legend began?

During the 15th to 17th century, people of Europe relied heavily on superstitions. Towns of course were not developed, surrounded by forests, and were miles apart from other towns. During this time, wolves became a major fear among the people. Traveling alone was never a good idea as a wolf in search of prey might attack them.

The very first record of a sighting of a werewolf was in Germany around the towns of Colongne and Bedburg in 1591. A few people from these villages cornered a large wolf and got their dogs to attack it. The people began to poke it with sharp sticks and spears. The wolf showed no fear and did not even try to protect itself against its attackers. However, during the attack, the wolf stood up on two feet. Once the wolf attire fell from the man, they realized it was one of their own, Peter Stubbe.

He confessed to 16 gruesome murders, which included two pregnant women and 13 children. The court records explain how Peter Stubbe began to practice sorcery when he was only a child of age 12 and that he tried to make a pact with the devil. After awhile, he began to take the disguise of a wolf, tear his victimís throat, and drink their warm blood.

His terrible and horrific crimes were documented including the murder of his own son, in which he broke the childís skull open and ate the brain. To pay for his crimes, his flesh was pulled off with red-hot pincer, his arms and legs were broken and he was finally decapitated. His carcass was burned to ashes.

Before long, the story of his murders and execution had spread across the land. Since the murders were so beyond human imagination, people began to believe that these werewolves lurked in the shadows awaiting prey to attack.

Werewolf Legend

Werewolf Legend

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