The Little People


Many of us have heard about the Little People, through television shows and books, however, the real legend of the Little People is a Choctaw Indian legend that that originated in Mississippi.

Prior too many white people populating what is now known as Mississippi, the Choctaw Indians called the area home. Here is where the legend is born of the Little People or Forest Dwellers. These small spirits around two or three feet tall lived in the deep forest in caves that were hidden by rocks.

The legend explains there existence and importance for the Choctaw Indians. When a Choctaw boy is between the ages of two to four, he may find himself in the presence of these Little People. When the child is playing in the woods and is no longer in sight of his home, he will be grabbed by the Kwanokasha. The boy will be taken to their cave deep in the forest. Here he will then see three other spirits all with long white hair and very old. Each one will offer him a gift, the first one will offer a knife, the second one will offer poisonous herbs, and the last one offers herbs with good medicine.

If the boy chooses the knife, he will be an evil man that may harm his friends, if he chooses the poisonous herbs, he will never be helpful to his tribe, and if he chooses the good herbs, he will be a great doctor. The boy that waits and accepts the gift of good herbs will stay with the Little People and learn their secrets making medicines from herbs, roots and barks of certain trees, and of treating and curing various fevers, pains and other sickness.

After three days, the boy will be taken back to his home where he will never speak of what occurred during his absence.

If you ever see a weird light moving around the deep dark woods in Mississippi, do not be alarmed it is only the Indian doctor and his helper searching for herb to treat and cure a sick member of the tribe.

The Little People

The Little People

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