The lost treasure of Corpus Christi buried and lost treasures.



Where is the lost treasure of Corpus Christi?

If you have plenty of time on your hands and wish to treasure seek there is no place better than around Corpus Christi, Texas. There are so many stories of buried or lost treasures all around this entire area, from ships that sunk carrying large amounts of treasure to Spanish soldiers who buried treasure. Here is a short list of some of the treasure you may find if you decide to spend your life in Corpus Christi seeking buried treasure.

Buried on St. Joseph Island across from Rockport are ornaments and gold that were designed for a Vera Cruz cathedral. Another treasure on St. Joseph Islands near the southern end is payroll that was intended for Spanish soldiers.

Casa Blanca has two treasures in the vicinity, the first one is money that is hidden under a rock pile and somewhere in a cave in Jim Wells County, and items from a Spanish fort are buried.

Padre Island is known for a hidden treasure of pieces of eight and doubloons that were stuffed into large cannons made of brass. A Spanish ship wrecked off the coast of Padre Island carrying over 50,000 pounds of precious metal. Another Spanish galleon named Capitana is also reported to be off the coast of Padre Island with over $1,000,000. The French ship Maria Theresa is another ship off the coast of Padre Island. It is estimated to be located at the mid-point of Kennedy County. This French ship was carrying $100,000 to $210,000 when it sank. Keep searching off the coast of Padre Island for treasure from the side-wheel steamer Paisano that had canvas bags on board that were filled with $200,000. Go to the northern tip of Padre Island and then inland for around 20 miles and start digging to see if you can find the treasure that was buried in Kleberg County from a Spanish ship that was stranded on the coast.

As you can see, there is more than one fortune to be found in and around Corpus Christi, Texas. All of these treasures have been reported and can be found in the library in the history section, however, not one of the treasures have been discovered.

The lost treasure of Corpus Christi buried and lost treasures.

 The lost treasure of Corpus Christi buried and lost treasures.

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