The lost treasure of the Mary Celeste.



Where is the lost treasure of the Mary Celeste?

In November 1816, off the coast of Long Island near Shinnecock, a ship by the name of Mary Celeste came aground during a heavy storm. At the time, no one knew the name of the ship or where it came from. The ship looked like no other ship anyone had seen except for one old Hampton seaman that described the ship as one he had seen earlier, which was a ship that carried East African slaves.

The ship bit a sandbar just 10 miles west on a bar that was opposite Shinnecock Bay. The locals waited for the storm to end and then rowed out to the ship to see if they could help anyone onboard. To there amazement, the crew was gone! Some lifeboats were missing and the wheel was lashed down. The log was checked and there was still no mention of the crew or what may have occurred on the ship. It was believed that since some of the lifeboats were missing, that the crew had decided to abandon the ship during the storm. However, after searching along the shoreline, no boats or people were found.

Three days later, the people in Shinnecock hear of a ship similar to the description of their ship had anchored off the Easthampton bar. A few members of the crew rowed ashore on lifeboats carrying with them several bags of silver coins, which they proceeded to bury. However, a group of wreckers were lying in wait and killed the ones that came ashore and stole the silver. They then went out to the anchored ship, lashed the wheel and sent it off along the shore.

A short time after the ship went aground silver dollars began to appear on beaches along the Long Island shoreline. Henry Green and Franklin Jagger decided to search the ship again since these silver dollars were appearing along the beaches. Once aboard, they found a false ceiling in one cabin where silver dollars began to rain down upon them.

As time passed, storms and the tide began to break the hull and once again, many silver dollars were washed to shore.

No one knows for sure how many silver coins were hidden all over the ship in secret areas, but we do know that as late as 1959 Spanish silver dollars were found on beaches from Shinnecock to Easthampton. The truth is no one has searched for the silver coins that could be found where the ship went aground and throughout the coral reefs and the bottom of the Bay. Today, if you visit the area you are sure to hear the tales of the Money Ship and if you dare, get your scuba gear and search for the treasure that Shinnecock Bay is hiding.

The Mary Celeste

The lost treasure of the Mary Celeste.

 The lost treasure of the Mary Celeste.

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