The lost treasure of Nevada Lost Treasures (Part 1).

(PART 1)


Some Nevada Lost Treasures - Part 1

There are many stories and legends concerning all kinds of lost treasures in the state of Nevada and we are not talking about the money lost at the gaming tables in Las Vegas.

Here are the most popular tales of lost treasure in Nevada organized by the county for easier hunting.

In Churchill County in western Nevada where the Shoshone Indians once lived is a tale of rich silver ore. The range where the silver ore is supposed to be is along the 70-mile long Stillwater Range, which was called the Shoshone Lost Ledge. This range is in Churchill county and Pershing county.

During the cold harsh winter months of 1846 and 1847, the Donner expedition was stranded because of the harsh weather in the High Sierras. As the tale goes, the group hid the money in a region known as Shafter in Elko County.

At one time Columbus in Esmerald County was a prosperous mining town where many found their fortune. It was also a great hideout for many desperados. A hidden cache, which was taken from highwaymen, is hidden around this area where the town once stood. Only a couple of miles south of where Columbus was once a lively town is another mining operation that is still in operation today.

September 3, 1913, a flash flood occurred and the people of Goldfield in Esmerald County were not prepared. Four safes were washed away with the rushing waters filled to the brim with hundreds of gold coins. To this day, only two out of the four lost safes have been recovered in the mud that was left behind from the gushing waters.

Another tale out of Goldfield is the one about two prospectors in 1910. These two men told their story about burying 20 sacks of high grade gold ore, which at the time was valued at around $1,000 per sack. Their claim was that it was buried in a mine dump between Goldfield and Diamond field. The two men passed away before they could go back and find their fortune. No one has located the 20 sacks of gold ore to this day.


The lost treasure of Nevada Lost Treasures (Part 1).

 The lost treasure of Nevada Lost Treasures (Part 1).

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