The lost treasure of Unfound California Treasures.


Where are some unfound treasures in California?

Throughout the state of California, many people have lost valuables, buried treasures, or hidden their valuables. The problem comes in when the people that buried their valuables are unable to return to find them or cannot find the exact location.

Some of the lost treasures that are still waiting to be found in California include the following tales.

A French saddle maker hid his fortune on the property of Rancho Santa Teresa close to San Jose.

cotty’s Castle located in Death Valley has been the tale of many lost and buried treasures. One story claims that a person hid $200,000 in gold coins nearby Scotty’s Castle.

If you travel along Route 49 in Mokelumne Hill, you may be lucky even to find $50 in gold coins in an old foundation wall.

Amador City is the town where several gold bars are rumored to be hidden from the Freemont Mine or somewhere in the vicinity.

Someone reported the lost of gold coins close by Tehachapi in Horse Canyon.

An innkeeper hid his treasure at the Old Warner Ranch in Aguana in San Diego County.

There are coins hidden near Isabella in Kern County somewhere in the hills.

Dr. John Marsh hid around $40,000 on the east side Mount Diablo close by Brentwood in Contra Costa County.

In Trinity County at the foot of Haman Ridge in Hoaglin, Lieutenant Jonas Wilson buried his pokers winnings.

A report of coins lost close to Ventucopa was noted in Santa Barbara County.

The Mariposa tax collector buried his treasure of gold coins on Deadman’s Creek nearby Agua Fria in Mariposa County.

More gold coins were hidden at the old Forty Mile House close to the town of Shingle Springs in Dorado County.

On Owens Lake in the Owens Valley in May of 1882, the S.S. Mollie Stevens was lost filled with gold bullion. Another account is that the S.S. Mollie was beached but caught fire and sank with the entire load of gold bullion.

Close to French Gulch in Shasta County, a payroll known as the “Rifle Barrel Payroll” was lost and never recovered.

The lost treasure of Unfound California Treasures.

 The lost treasure of Unfound California Treasures.

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