The lost treasure of Unfound Florida Treasures.


Where are some unfound Florida Treasures?

All over the Florida coast, you may happen upon a treasure buried there by a pirate, Spanish explorers, or native Indians. Many of the accounts are of course, not recorded since many of them were loot stolen by pirates or of Native Indians that did not keep records. However, there are a few that were recorded such as the ones below.

Many pirate stories talk of Fowler’s Bluff on the gulf coast where several pirates were claimed to have buried treasure.

The British at one time paid Native Indians in the Carter’s Mill Creek area to wreck havoc on the settlers. This fortune in gold coins is believed to be buried in the area around the headwaters.

Amelia Island is another place that pirates frequented and could be the secret burial grounds of numerous treasures.

A legend is told throughout the area of Lakeland, Florida about an old treasure hunter by the name of Bill Sneed. He told his tale of finding $625,000 in gold bullion and coins at the mouth of the Suwannee River. During, the 1950’s Bill operated the Wilmary Motel in Lakeland. As far as anyone can tell, this old miser did not spend the money and never flashed huge amounts of money around town. It is believed that he hid the money somewhere in the motel or around the motel.

Gasparilla, another infamous pirate, is believed to have buried several treasures along the Gulf Coast. Pirate Billy Bowlegs is another pirate that buried treasure in Florida. He was claimed to have buried gold and silver coins from various robberies on the high seas on the Choctawhatchee Bay on the Gulf Coast.

No matter where you go in search of treasure along any coastline of Florida you are sure to find something of value, whether it was a tourist that lost a coin or two or a pirate that buried thousands of dollars.

The lost treasure of Unfound Florida Treasures.

 The lost treasure of Unfound Florida Treasures.

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