The lost treasure of Unfound Georgia Treasures.


Where are some unfound Georgia Treasures?

All through Georgia, you will hear all kinds of stories from the Civil War and other treasures that were either lost or buried and were never found. Some of the most popular are listed below.

In Griffin, a prosperous businessman by the name of Mr. Duncan did not trust banks like many southerners. He stored away all of his money in different locations throughout his home. His wife was so worried about someone breaking in and robbing their home, since everyone knew he would not use banks. She convinced Mr. Duncan to gather his money and deposit it in the local bank. He went from room to room, gathered over $100,000, and headed off to the bank. However, he changed his mind and buried the money in a peach orchard. A few months later, Mr. Duncan suffered a heart attack and was bed ridden. He tried in vain to give directions to where he had buried all the money, but no one could understand his directions including his wife. He died within a few days and the money is still buried in a peach orchard somewhere around Griffin, Georgia.

Blackbeard, the famous pirate, was known for burying his booty on Blackbeard Island and on Ossabaw Island. None of his treasure has been found to this day.

During the Civil War, many citizens throughout the state of Georgia buried many of their valuable in fear of William Tecumseh Sherman’s men as they marched through the countryside. They left behind destruction everywhere they went. Many of these valuables have never been recovered as some of the owners died during the war.

Lipscomb was a wealthy plantation owner that lived near LaGrange. He buried over $100,000 in gold and silver coins with the help of one of his servants prior to the Civil War. The servant would as he dug up the ground place small amounts of the money in various locations all over the plantation. Without the help of the servant, Lipscomb could not find his own coins. He then made a map with the servant so he could locate his treasure. He later passed away, his widow could not decipher the directions that were left behind, and the coins are still buried throughout the plantation.

The lost treasure of Unfound Georgia Treasures.

 The lost treasure of Unfound Georgia Treasures.

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