The lost treasure of The Lost Whiskey Load.


Where is the lost whiskey load?

The only way you would be interested in this lost treasure is if you are a connoisseur of whiskey.

In 1880 a freighter was chosen to carry a loan of 100-proof whiskey from northern California to the mining camps in northern Arizona. The tale does not start until the freighter stops for a few days to rest at a ranch in Oasis Valley. When it left, it headed south but was forced to stop once again when they came upon a storm close to the sand dunes just 23 miles outside of Beatty. Beatty is located in Nye county. The freighter could not go any farther because the sand storm made it impossible to see so he moved the animals and himself to a safe location using his wagon as a refuge.

The storm lasted all through that day and up until the wee hours of the next morning. As he could begin to see once again, he could not find any of animals and the storm had lost all tracks. Since he no longer had any animals to pull the whiskey he had to find another way in which to move the cargo. He headed off on foot to the ranch in Oasis Valley. After almost two days, he made it there and borrowed some horses that he could hitch to load of whiskey. By the time, he returned to where his wagon once was there was no sign of the wagon or anything else. The sand had completed covered everything. He searched for a very long time and then gave up, returned the horses, and went on his way.

Another tale of the same load of whiskey places the wagon outside Rose’s Well instead of Beatty. Many believe this story as there was no one that someone could have walked 100 miles in a day and a half to reach the Oasis Valley ranch from where the wagon would have been.

No matter which tale you believe, the whiskey has never been found and is still buried under the sand somewhere in northern California.

The lost treasure of The Lost Whiskey Load.

 The lost treasure of The Lost Whiskey Load.

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