The lost treasure of Flat Rock Gold.


Where is the lost Flat Rock gold?

Abraham was a very smart man that served in the Revolutionary War, was Commissioner of Tryon County, and in 1178, the Justice of the Peace of Tryon County in North Carolina.

After Abraham was well into his 80ís he moved to an area that is now Asheville around 1800. He had already lost his first wife and had remarried a young and not so thrifty woman by the name of Bathseba. Being a war veteran he was given over 1000 acres in land which in time he accumulated all of the Flat Rock community.

Here Abraham built a tavern, an inn, and holding pens for livestock of the travelers. His community was built on the Old State Road which was the only means of travel from Kentucky to Tennessee and South Carolina and Georgia. This was a very busy road as it was the only way to travel.

During this time, there were no banks in South Carolina at least not close to where Abraham lived. He kept his gold or silver, this is all he would accept as payment, in strongboxes. Abraham soon had gained quite a fortune. However his wife Bathseba enjoyed as many frivolous items she could manage to purchase from the various peddlers that came calling. He had padlocks on each truck and strongbox but was afraid this would not keep his wife from spending their fortune, so late one night he placed all of his gold and silver coins into a wash pot. He awoke two of his strong slaves, blindfolded them and had them help him carry the wash pot down the road and into the forest. He led the way until they reached a spring with a bent white oak tree nearby. He took off the blindfolds and had the slave dig a hole large enough to hold the wash pot and the cover it with dirt and leaves so it would not be easily found. Abraham then blindfolded the slave and led them from the forest explaining to them if they mentioned this night to anyone their lives would be at stake.

When Abraham was 104 years old, he needed a portion of his gold and silver that he had buried in the forest. He set off alone and did not return. A search began and Abraham was found lying face down in a spring. It is believed that he tripped over a branch and fell into the spring and subsequently drowned. After this incident the slaves told the story of the dark night.

Stories abound of those that have searched for this treasure, a few have died, and others have been frightened away by the figure of an old man. Is Abraham still protecting his fortune from the spending fingers of wife even after death?

The lost treasure of Flat Rock Gold.

 The lost treasure of Flat Rock Gold.

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