The lost treasure of Lost Treasures in New York.


Where are some lost treasures in New York?

Not too many people consider the state of New York or any other state in the New England area of the US to hold treasures, however, there are lost treasures here dating back to the early settlers, the Revolutionary War, and even money from train robberies was buried in New York. Here is a list of the most popular lost treasures still unfound.

In the Blenheim Mountains, it is believed that the Indians that raided white settlements hid all the valuables at the peak of the mountains.

A payroll chest that was intended for soldiers of the Revolutionary War was forced ashore in Chaumont Bay. The chest was buried by a large oak tree, since it could not be carried, for safekeeping until a later date. The chest has never found.

The Loomis gang during their raids buried $40,000 in silver and gold coin in the Montezuma Swamp close by the Seneca Falls.

After a train robbery in 1895, the loot in the amount of $40,000 was placed in a cast iron kettle and buried. It is buried around ½ miles from Geneva. Today this area would be east of the Big Oak Golf Course and Pre-Emption Road.

Many early settlers buried their treasures and valuables in case of Indian attacks. One such story is of an early resident that buried his fortune on Grand Island in Lake Erie.

Another resident back in the early 1800’s was Moses Follensby. He buried $400,000 in gold and silver coins close by his cabin. The cabin was at the north end of Follensby Pond just where the Branch enters into the lake. The cabin was supposed to be close to the beginning of the brook that led into the pond. The location of where the cabin once stood is a southwest of Tupper Lake. Outside Warsaw about two miles west, other early residents buried $45,000 in gold coins on the Rogers farm.

Lost Mines in New York have been reported as well although it is known there were silver mines at one time no one knows the locations. On the other hand, a gold mine is supposed to be located in the southern tier of the state of New York.

The lost treasure of Lost Treasures in New York.

 The lost treasure of Lost Treasures in New York.

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