The lost treasure of Nebraska Treasures.


Where are some lost treasures in Nebraska?

Nebraska is one of those states that you just do not hear much about especially when it comes to lost treasures, however, the state is known for having several lost treasures that date back to cowboy and Indian times during the old west.

A few of the most popular lost treasures in Nebraska include:

If you go across the North Platte River just a bit south of Lewellen in and around Ash Hollow, you may be able to locate the valuables of two families that were traveling along the Oregon Trail. They were attacked by Indians who buried their valuables close to the site of the attack.

Stories of Jesse James are also very prominent here in Nebraska and it is believed that he buried quite a bit of loot in various locations throughout Nebraska. One such spot is at Devil’s Nest close by Crafton. Another place to search for Jesse James loot is a place called Robber’s Cave close by Macy along the Missouri River. It is not known if the loot was buried in the cave or somewhere nearby.

A buffalo hunter and a hide salesman were traveling together and buried around $800 in silver and gold coins close to their campsite outside Fort Kearney. They placed the coins in a leather bag before burying it. Unbeknown to the pair, they had been followed by two bandits that ended up killing the buffalo hunter. The loot was never found.

Buffalo Bill Cody also hid a cache of around $17,000 close to the downtown area of North Platte. The story around this cache is that in 1869, Buffalo Bill had a small ranch close to North Platte. He got drunken one day and hid the money somewhere on the ground of the Scout’s Rest Ranch or somewhere between downtown North Platte and the ranch. He never could remember the exact location of where he had buried the money.

The lost treasure of Nebraska Treasures.

 The lost treasure of Nebraska Treasures.

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