The lost treasure of The Star City Treasure.



Where is the lost treasure of Star City?

At one time, there was a town known as Star City, Utah close by what is now Milford, Utah. Here there lived an old miner that was quite a loner. He would come into town with large sacks of high-grade gold unlike what anyone had ever seen in the area. Since he was such a loner, he would never talk to anyone about his mine or where it was located.

The story of the old miner is that his mine known by Rattlesnake Mine was somewhere in the vicinity of his old cabin, no one ventured out to visit him. Two robbers one day did follow the old miner back to his cabin but bullets began flying through the air toward them and they soon gave up and never went.

Over time, the old miner began making fewer and fewer trips to the Miller Mill to sell his gold and most people forgot all about him. It is said that even after Star City became no more than a ghost town, the old miner was still out there prospecting his mine.

Years later, two men were hiking in the area and found an old cabin and the old miner’s body. No one knows exactly how long his body was there before these two hikers happened to find him.

Not too far away from his cabin was an old shed, inside the shed was rotting sacks of gold ore. There was also a shaft going deep down into the earth below. The smell from the shaft was so foul smelling they had to think twice before one of them decided to go down to see if they could find the gold ore.

The one hiker placed his foot in a knotted loop at the end of a hoisting rope and let his friend lower him down into the shaft. When he neared the end of the rope, he dropped his candle and screamed in horror. His friend quickly pulled him back up and out of the shaft. The man was in hysterics. He told his friend that the shaft was a hot, stinking den of thousands of twisting, writhing rattlesnakes, all coiled together in a hideous, nauseating mass! He went insane from the sight and had to be placed into a mental hospital. His friend never recovered from the sight he saw of his friend, refused to tell anyone where the cabin and shaft was located, and committed suicide.

It is believed that the shaft is not only home to thousands of rattlesnakes but the ghost of the old miner as well still protecting his claim long after his death.

The lost treasure of The Star City Treasure.

 The lost treasure of The Star City Treasure.

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