The lost treasure of Tapia.


Where is the lost treasure of Don TiburcioTapia?

There are numerous tales of lost treasures throughout California; however, none is as strange as the lost treasure of Don Tiburcio Tapia. He lived just east of what is known today as Los Angeles at Cucamonga during the time that Spain ruled the area. Today, where his mansion once stood is nothing but ruins.

In the 1840’s many residents of the area heard rumors that America was going to invade and take over their land. This led to them hiding their valuables; Tapia began to make plans to hide all of his valuables. He found the perfect hiding spot for not only his wealth, but also the wealth of his friends and the money that had been collected to build a chapel.

With all his treasure hidden away, he was no longer afraid that anyone would ever find his wealth and it would be safe. The only bad part is that he passed away in 1845 and never revealed to a soul where he had hidden his valuables and the valuables of his friends.

A year passed away before his daughter Dona Maria moved into her father’s home. She knew of the story of the treasures that were supposed to be hidden there, but her thoughts were not on recovering the treasure when she moved there.

Late one evening, a mysterious light moved across the room and landed on a certain spot on the wall. She was not too concerned until it appeared the very next night. This time she called her husband into the room to make sure she was not going crazy. He wanted to prove to her that what she was seeing was in fact true. He grabbed his knife and plunged it into the wall where the strange light and focused.

The knife opened up a hollow place in the adobe wall. Within the wall, they found a purse with silver coins and an old piece of paper. The paper held the markings of a map. Many tried to locate the rest of the treasure but were never successful. As far as anyone knows, the lost treasure of Tapia is still there waiting to be discovered.

The lost treasure of Tapia.

 The lost treasure of Tapia.

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