The lost treasure of The Dachau Nazi War Treasure.


Where is the Dachau Nazi war treasure?

Lost in Austria, a $50 million treasure is waiting for a treasure hunter able to recreate the conditions of an escape route running from Germany to one of the lakes near Strasburg in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

The treasure was made up of jewels and gold confiscated by victims of the Dachau Concentration Camp, the older camp of the Third Reich started in 1933 in the city of the same name, near Munich. Dachau housed 30,000 prisoners in 1945, the year in which a group of Nazis ran away with the treasure before being captured by Allied Forces.

Dachau was not only a prison for Jewish people, but for about 1,173 Nazi war criminals imprisoned there. One of them, a former officer of the SS condemned to death, revealed to Dr. Wilhem Groß the existence of an impressive treasure. Dr. Groß, an Austrian born physician, identified the place described by the prisoner and shared this information with Edward Greger, a U.S. Army intelligence officer stationed in Austria in 1952.

Groß and Greger followed the route described by the German officer toward the Lake Lünersee on the Austrian border with Swiss. According to the story, the Commandant of the camp loaded the treasure into 4 boxes with the help of his assistants before leaving Dachau. The informer was one of those officers conspiring to escape with the treasure and then taking separate ways until the time to recover the cargo arrived.

In the mid-40’s, Lake Lünersee was an isolated region and they thought that nobody could find the treasure for years... they were right indeed. Those German officers were led to death for war crimes and seven years after the treasure was buried, the only man who knew its location was Dr. Groß. However, in 1952, the area was eroded by the passing of the time and the only signs to find the treasure disappeared.

Four years later, Groß and Greger returned to the lake after calculating where the treasure was buried, but a damn constructed in 1956 increased the lake's level submerging the boxes under nearly 75 feet of water. Greger returned again in 1990, a time when the lake recovered its original level after the damn was emptied for some days, but the treasure was not found possibly sunk deeper somewhere inside the lake due to weight of the boxes.

The lost treasure of The Dachau Nazi War Treasure.

 The lost treasure of The Dachau Nazi War Treasure.

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