The lost treasure of Noah's Ark.


Where is the lost treasure of Noah's Ark?

Noah's Ark is a 4400 years old object that did not carry gold or precious gems, but valued as a treasure for its historical and biblical context, which is still in discussion. Expected to be found sunk in the Dead Sea or covered by the sand dunes of the Arabic Desert, a revelation made archeologist point their compasses to a new direction in 1959.

A Turkish airline pilot flying above the Ararat saw an object similar to a giant boat at the top of the mountains. Stereo photos taken during the flight revealed later that it was a ship incrusted in a strange location. At the Geodetic Institute of Turkey, Dr. Brandenburger of Ohio State University, in the United States, confirmed that the object in the pictures was a ship.

An expeditions to mount Ararat for scientific testing blew a hole in the structure using dynamite and concluded that such object has no archaeological interest keeping in mind that the wood of an ancient ship would be petrified by then. In fact, the research team said that such object was not made of wood.

However, research and expeditions continued for the following decades bringing to account different theories, including ice and snow on the top of Mount Ararat that could be responsible for the changes and preservation of the structure. On the other hand, if it was not the Great Flood, who brought a ship to the top of a snow-capped mountain 6,300 feet above sea level?

Mount Ararat Anomaly attracted the attention of Ron Wyatt, an amateur archaeologist that visited Mount Ararat in 1977. He found the size of the ship consistent with the biblical description and a radar scan found three decks, two of them collapsed and the remaining with 144 rooms.

Wyatt took material from the shift and the Galbraith Laboratories in Knoxville, Tennessee, proved that such material was petrified wood. In 1991, Greg Brewer joined Wyatt's expeditions finding a petrified antler in a side of the ship. Later Wyatt found red human hair and extinct rodent hair, giving for granted that the ship was Noah's Ark, but new studies and found evidences continue today.

Noah's Ark?

The lost treasure of Noah's Ark.

 The lost treasure of Noah's Ark.

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