The lost treasure of King Juba's Lost Treasure.


Where is the lost treasure of King Juba?

Can you imagine Africans arriving to Illinois before Columbus discovered the New Continent? The lost treasure of King Juba seems to be the missing chain of an untold history that is evidence of Africans in America before any European stepped here.

Certainly, there are archeological vestiges evidencing the arrival of Chinese and Viking explorers before Amerigo Vespucci or Columbus himself, but the arrival of people from Africa during the Roman era is something that nobody else apart from Frank Joseph, the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine told us before.

Juba was born in the year 52 BC and was the king of Numidia before he moved to Mauretania. Later he married Cleopatra Selene, the daughter of the Ptolemaic Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Roman triumvir Mark Antony. According to Joseph, King Juba arrived in America along with other exiled Celts, Africans, Romans, Christians, and Jews.

To support his theory, Frank Joseph wrote a book with details on his research and unsupported information regarding the journey that ended in Illinois. The existence of the treasure, however, is based on archeological artifacts that Russell Burrows discovered in a cave in 1982.

Based on his own research, Joseph is convinced that such artifacts are part of King Juba's treasure. Due to the nature of Frank Joseph's job, most people believe that his book is more likely a fictitious novel based on very outdated history texts.

There is also a book in which Russell Burrows recreates his adventure and how he found those artifacts that were sold or suddenly disappeared leaving no evidence behind. Certainly there are pictures of Burrows buried in the mud rescuing the treasure, but none clear enough to show what he found in that cave.

Lie or truth, treasure hunters try to reconstruct the paths that Frank Joseph barely cited in his book and other bibliography reference that includes testimonials published in the Ancient American magazine. If that treasure exists, the most valuable piece will be its contribution to history, recording Africans as the first explorers of the so-called New World.

The lost treasure of King Juba's Lost Treasure.

 The lost treasure of King Juba's Lost Treasure.

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