The lost treasure of Lost Buried Treasure in the Osage Hills.



Where is the lost buried treasure in the Osage Hills?

During the California gold rush in the 1800’s many people including families traveled west to find their fortune. The trail went through Fayetteville, Arkansas, cut through a corner of Indian Territory in what is now northeastern Oklahoma, then straight west into northern Kansas, and onward until it reached the Santa Fe Trail somewhere close to McPherson.

This was the road traveled by many Missourians hoping to find gold and then returning the same way back home to their families. One group of Missourians traveling back to Missouri after finding their fortune was on this trail in 1862. Some were men traveling alone to take their gold back home to their wife and children while others were the entire family, husband, wife, and children. The wagon train on this particular day was carried an estimates $100,000 dollars of gold, at yesterday’s prices.

As the wagon train entered just south of the border of Kansas into the Osage Hills of Oklahoma they were attacked by Pawnee Indians. These Indians had been following the caravan for quite a few days; with the understanding, they were carrying lots of gold.

When the fight began, the wagons tried their best to form a circle and fight off the vicious Indians. The wagon master, sure of defeat, loaded a strong mule with all the gold he could carry and some how found his way out of the massacre. He traveled with the loaded mule through the waist-high grass until he was safely out of danger nearby a group of oak trees. He traveled through this close-knit group of trees until he could safely get away unnoticed.

As darkness began to fall at the sight of the massacre, the Indians whooped in hoping to find the treasure. Much to their disappointment on they could find were the bodies of the men, women, and children they had slaughtered. One Indian finally noticed the hoof prints of a mule heading away from the gory seen. They knew right away someone had escaped with all the gold. Since it was nearly dark, the Indians decided to wait until morning to pursue the lone traveler.

Daylight began to brighten the sky and the wagon master knew the Indians would be fast on his trail and as long as he was traveling with the heavy loaded mule, he would be found and of course killed. He searched for a perfect place to bury the gold, so it could be found easily. He found two large oak trees, which was to be the spot to bury all the gold. A short distance away, he found a hollow tree where he hid his rifle. From there he made it safely home. If the Indians did find the mule, they never found the gold.

The wagon master made it home safely and gave his wife the directions and all the pertinent landmarks so his son could find the gold when he was grown. When his son turned 20, he did go in search of the treasure. The two oak trees had been cut down by the owner of the farm in which the gold was hidden. Joe Boulanger, the owner, even went out and tried to help the young boy find the gold. To this day, no one has found the exact location of the buried gold.

The lost treasure of Lost Buried Treasure in the Osage Hills.

 The lost treasure of Lost Buried Treasure in the Osage Hills.

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