The lost treasure of Captain Henry Steel's Lost Treasure.



Where is the lost treasure of Captain Henry Steel?

Perhaps one of the biggest legends when it comes to lost treasure is the story of Captain Henry Steel. Steel was among some of the most feared pirates of his time.

It’s said that Captain Steel was just finishing up one of his travels around the world when his ship The Ruby Dagger was making its way to the Caribbean and more specifically, the island of Dominica. Seeing a Royal Navy Ship in the distance, he knew that he and his small crew were being followed. He knew that this Navy fleet was coming to capture him.

Captain Steel had a decision to make. He could try to outrun his enemies, who were undoubtedly better equipped and with larger numbers or, he could face them and do battle. The only problem was the Ruby Dagger was full of treasure after the sail abroad.

Captain Steel created a plan. Dominica was known to be a safe place for pirates and he and his crew would be welcome there. Gathering his crew together, he laid out his plan. Every member of the crew would get their enormous share of the treasure. They would then hide this treasure in different areas of the island. Along with the treasure, they would also bury a key. They would also create a map outlining where they had buried their portion of the treasure. Once this was completed, they would return to the captain with two maps leading to the treasure and a key. The captain would then lock each of the maps in a separate compartment of his prized Chest of Zanzibar and destroy the keys to these compartments. The different treasures needed to be found in a specific order – finding one treasure would lead to the next.

So they docked at Dominica and started to carry out their plan. When each pirate had returned with their maps and key, Captain Steel made another map, marking an ‘x’ where each treasure was buried. He placed this map in the final compartment of the Chest and hid the Chest under some boards in his private cabin.

Knowing what they had to do next, they faced battle with the Navy ship. The details of the battle are still unknown but the Navy ship returned and Captain Steel and his crew did not. The crew members of the Navy ship were sworn to secrecy about what happened that day but it is said that Captain Steel was decapitated and his body thrown overboard. The rest of his crew perished as well. The Ruby Dagger sank, taking with it, the Chest with the keys to the lost treasure.

It’s unknown today whether this is just a story or in fact, truth. But there has been evidence to show that the story actually took place and that the lost treasure is still buried on the island of Dominica.

The lost treasure of Captain Henry Steel's Lost Treasure.

 The lost treasure of Captain Henry Steel's Lost Treasure.

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