The lost treasure of Buried Treasure at McVee Inn.


Where is the buried Treasure at McVee Inn?

The McVee Inn is located at Mile 108 just off the Cariboo Wagon Road in British Columbia.

In the 1870’s, Jim and Agnes McVee along with their son-in-law Al Riley established the McVee Inn. Agnes McVee is also known as Lurcretia Borgia, Lizzie Borden, and Countess Elizabeth Bartory.

The McVee Inn was the hotel in which Agnes used as her own personal domain. She would entice young woman into coming to the hotel with the hopes of finding a husband. Once they arrived, Agnes would place them in the basement of the Inn bound, chained, beaten, and starved until they were in her total control. Along with imprisoning innocent young women, Agnes also provided food, liquor, and lodging to miners and merchants that came through on their way. Many of her guests never left the Inn. Agnes would give her guests plenty of free liquor and allow them to see her cleavage, and then Al Riley would shoot them through the back from outside a window. Jim would carry of the remains and toss them into a nearby lake. While the bodies were being disposed of, Agnes would go through everything they had and took what she wanted. The horses were sold, most often in Fort Kamloops.

In this remote area of British Columbia, no one really had any idea this horrific scene was occurring. The family had a long 10 year run until Agnes made a mistake. A gentleman by the name of McDonald who was a gambler came in to spend a night. Agnes immediately went to work on him and tried to sell him a young woman for $4,000 if he would come back to visit in a couple of months. McDonald along with his new young lady rode off on horseback. Jim on the other hand was furious that Agnes had let him go with such a large bag of money, so he followed them. Jim returned before morning with a large sack that contained $8,000 in gold coins. Agnes was very angry as she had hope that McDonald would return and she could take him as her husband and dispose of Jim. By morning, she seemed to have calmed down, even though Jim had not known her original plans, he was relieved that she was no longer upset. She served breakfast as usual, however, after only a few bites, Jim fell off his chair in convulsions. Al Riley ran into the kitchen, however, it was too late; Jim lay dead on the floor. Al went to get the carriage so they could dispose of Jim’s body as they had done many in the past.

The plan was foiled when the girl that Agnes sold to McDonald appeared with the police. Jim had forgotten all about the young girl when he killed McDonald and she had escaped. Agnes and Al were convicted of kidnapping and murder and were sent to the New Westminster jail. Agnes committed suicide in 1885 and Al was hung shortly afterwards.

Agnes buried the majority of the money taken from the corpses. However, all that has been found in the area was $2,500 in gold in 1924 and another $6,000 later. The estimated value of the treasure she buried was between $100,000 and $150,000 with only $8,500 recovered.

The lost treasure of Buried Treasure at McVee Inn.

 The lost treasure of Buried Treasure at McVee Inn.

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