The lost treasure of Devils Tower Lost Gold.


Where is the Devils Tower lost gold?

Close to the northeastern corner of Wyoming is a mountain that resembles a very large tree stump. Several legends have centered on this mysterious mountain as well as others areas near by. The tower is located in what is known as the Black Hills and has some of the largest caves in the world under it, which include Jewel Cave, and Wind Cave. During the 1880’s many flocked to the area during the gold rush to mine for gold in this area. the legend that I am about to tell is one that has never been proven, however, if you know much about Indians, all stories were passed down from father to son and could very well be true.

According to who is telling the tale, whether white man or Indian you will hear the mountain by different names. The white man named the mountain Devils Tower while the Indians name for the mountain was Bear Lodge. If you are not sure, just show a photo before you head off on your treasure seeking adventure.

As the legend goes, three Indian braves were hunting close by the base of the tower when they began exploring the rocks. Here they found a passageway underneath the mountain. They made torches out of nearby pine knots and began exploring the tunnel. Throughout the tunnel, they discovered bones, but what they found at the end of the tunnel is what is the most amazing – an underground lake that was 25 yards long and over 15 yard wide. All around this mysterious lake was large quantities of gold. The braves could not carry the gold back with them, so they hid the entrance and were going to come back at a later time to retrieve the gold. None of the braves ever returned but one told the story before he passed away. The legend has been passed down from generation to generation from that day.

No one as of yet, has found a passageway at the base of the Devils Tower, however, you ever is lucky enough to do so will be mighty rich.

The lost treasure of Devils Tower Lost Gold.

 The lost treasure of Devils Tower Lost Gold.

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