The lost treasure of Tim Cody’s Lost Treasure.


Where is the lost treasure of Tim Cody?

Stories of lost treasure seem to be never-ending but one of the most dismal most frustrating for those involved is perhaps the story of Tim Cody’s lost ledge.

In 1908, Tim Cody had set up a camp at Stewart Springs to search the area for ore. The camp was fifteen miles away from Goldyke. Huge values of ore had just been found in Goldfield, Tonopah, and Rawhide and Cody was a prospector who was on the hunt for more treasure.

Once his supplies ran low, Cody was forced to set out on foot to Goldyke to get more supplies. It was a very cold, overcast morning the day he left. The dreary day soon turned to a winter storm and Cody became lost. Searching for shelter he found an abandoned mine shaft and spent the night there to escape the harsh weather. The next morning had clear skies and calm weather so Cody set out once again to Goldyke. After he left the mineshaft, Cody climbed up on a ridge to try and determine where he was and what direction to head in. When he was halfway up the ridge, he found a piece of land in a quartz outcrop that seemed to hold large quantities of gold. Cody took one of the pieces and continued to climb the ridge.

Once at the top, he could see Paradise Peak and Rawhide Peak to the west. These landmarks however, did not help him and he once again became lost. After some time, he finally found Goldyke.

After returning from Goldyke, Cody tried time and time again to find the quartz outcrop that held all this gold but he could never find it again. It’s said in 1949 that he gave three men a map of where he believed the crop to be but they had no further luck in coming across the treasure. Not surprising since Cody himself couldn’t find it again and so a map drawn by him would be quite useless.

Nobody has ever made a claim of large amounts of gold in the area where Cody became lost. It may take another lost, wandering soul to stumble upon the treasure and rediscover it.

The lost treasure of Tim Cody’s Lost Treasure.

 The lost treasure of Tim Cody’s Lost Treasure.

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