The lost treasure of The Red River Treasure.


Where is the lost Red River treasure?

Treasure hunting can be quite easy or it can be very difficult, depending on what you need for a particular search. For some searches, it may be as easy as walking into your own town while for others, it may require special tools and technology. One thing that a few treasure hunts require is the ability to imagine what life was like once ago. Only when you have an idea of how things once were can you continue to search for this particular type of treasure and the Red River treasure is one story that falls into this category.

The Red River lies along the border between Texas and Oklahoma and it is on the south side of this river that lays treasure lost long ago. It was in 1892 that Lewis Franklin Palmore was appointed to be the first marshal in what is today’s Oklahoma. It wasn’t until two years later that he first had an encounter with criminals when four men robbed the First National Bank located in Bowie, Texas. The criminals went north with the money they had taken from the bank and they stopped to rest along the bank of the Red River, which at the time was flooded.

That same night, Palmore received word from the city marshal in Bowie. The Bowie marshal wanted to let Palmore know that the criminals were headed in his direction. Palmore gathered other officials and knowing that the criminals would have to cross the flooded river went to catch them. Just as the criminals were about to cross over the river safely, they saw Palmore’s gang heading towards them. Beginning to panic and not knowing what to do, the criminals dove into the water and swam the width of it while their horses swam alongside of them. Palmore and his crew were ready and waiting for the criminals with handcuffs on the other side. The criminals were captured and charged for their crime. According to the reports, the robbers should have had $18,000 with them in paper money and other ten to twenty thousand in coin. After searching them, Palmore and the other officials found the paper money but the coin was never found.

The criminals were quickly taken to Fort Smith, Arkansas where Judge Roy Parker found them guilty during trial and sentenced them to death by hanging. Nooses were placed around the criminal’s necks and they sat atop their horses waiting to be taken to their final destination. Palmore was beside one of the criminals and while they were waiting, one of the criminals whispered to Palmore that the remaining coin was hidden around the area that was their final campout site. Palmore searched the entire area but he never could find the coin.

It’s believed that because the river and the surrounding land have changed so much, especially in the way of flooding conditions, that one must be able to imagine what the river looked like the day the criminals left to be able to discover the missing coin. Because the river was severely flooded at the time, it is most likely buried somewhere much higher above what today would be a standard surface line. Many have searched for this treasure but to this day, it remains the mystery of the Red River treasure.

The lost treasure of The Red River Treasure.

 The lost treasure of The Red River Treasure.

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