The lost treasure of Treasure of Lima.


Where is the lost treasure of the Treasure of Lima?

As the story goes, in 1820, foreseeing that Peru would revolt across Spain, the Governor and clergy in Lima wished for their treasures to be transported to Mexico. For this feat, they hired a British brig, Mary Dear and Captain Thompson to protect the treasures of Lima to Mexico. The “Loot of Lima” was estimated at over $60,000, which came from the cathedral. Among the treasure were two life-sized statues of the Blessed Virgin holding the Divine Child. Both of these statues were made from pure gold. Other treasures included jeweled stones and candlesticks.

The thought of just how much this treasure could mean to one person, Captain Thompson had all the passengers aboard Mary Dear killed. He then headed to Cocos Island. Cocos Island is around 400 miles from the coast of Costa Rica where he buried the treasure in a cave.

He left the treasure and soon became partners with the notorious pirate, Benito Bonito. While sailing with Benito Bonito, the ship was attacked by a British warship. The only one to survive the attack was Captain Thompson.

Finally, years later, Thompson ran into a stranger of the name of Keating. He explained his dilemma to Keating who agreed to travel to the island to retrieve the buried treasure. Thompson died before even departing.

Keating decided to go ahead with the expedition and with Captain Bogue set sail for Cocos Island. They did discover the treasure that Thompson buried, however, greed got in the way once again and the crew mutinied. Thompson and Bogue loaded as much as could of the treasure on a smaller boat, the treasure was too heavy for the boat and it capsized. Bogue drowned and Thompson was found by a ship passing by and was taken to Newfoundland. This is where he died.

Captain Thompson left clues to the whereabouts of the “Loot of Lima” in a waybill. He talks of arriving at a bay on the northeast of Cocos Island. His directions state to follow the shoreline until you reach a creek, follow the creek that flows inland at the high water mark. Now go 70 paces, west by south. Now you will notice an opening in the hills. Go north and walk into the stream. You will then see a smooth rock rising up such as a cliff, about where your shoulders meet the cliff you will notice a hole, just large enough for a finger or thumb to fit into, here you must put in an iron bar and turn. Behind this is a door that opens up to the “Loot of Lima.”

Another version of Captain Thompson’s deathbed story states that at the Baby of Hope, which is between two deserted islands, you should walk 350 paces going with the creek and then change course to go north-northeast for about 850 yards. Here you will find a cave marked with a cross and this is the location of the Treasure of Lima.

The lost treasure of Treasure of Lima.

 The lost treasure of Treasure of Lima.

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