The lost treasure of The 1715 Treasure Fleet.


Where is the lost 1715 treasure fleet?

The story of the 1715 Treasure Fleet is a story that involves a fleet of ships carrying much treasure. The ship set sail from Havana on July 24, 1715. The total fleet included twelve ships and all but one of them was lost at sea. On July 29, the fleet was met with terrible storms and hurricanes that took the lives of over seven hundred people.

Around 1715 was a time when Spain was claiming vast quantities of the wealth of the New World. There were cargo ships travelling back and forth from Spain to Havana in quest of more gold and silver. Havana was a place where ships from ports throughout the region would gather. It was a time shortly after the War of the Spanish Succession and while privacy was continuing to grow, there were also British privateers still remaining from the war. To secure the wealth they were obtaining, there was a complete stop put upon the fleet ships that were responsible for going to collect the wealth. But there was so much treasure that it eventually needed to be collected. The king of Spain also needed funds to support the war and the fleet needed to venture out quickly as hurricane season was fast approaching.

A major delay occurred when ships from Cartagena arrived in Havana before the Vera Cruz fleet arrived. The Vera Cruz fleet was delayed for many reasons. The Vera Cruz ships were waiting on a slow train that was delivering the treasure to them. There was also a shipment of porcelain, ivory, and silk being delivered to the Vera Cruz and the train carrying that shipment was also very slow. King Phillip further complicated matters when he ordered that a special shipment of specific jewels being given to the Duchesse of Parma be included with the fleet’s shipment.

Although July 24 marked the middle of the hurricane season, the fleet left for Havana. For the first little while the crew was met with only good weather. The water and the wind were both very calm. On the morning of the 29th, the wind was non-existent, dying off completely. The water was almost eerily calm. The alert captain that was on board as part of the fleet had gone slightly east of the other ships to be able to see what was ahead. He was very suspicious of the very calm weather, having been in these kinds of situations before and sensing what was to come.

It was not long before his suspicions were confirmed and the crew found themselves in a tropical storm that turned very quickly into a ferocious hurricane. There was nothing the crew could do except try to stay alive. A few managed to survive the storm and be swept up onto the beaches along with the many pieces of their ships. One thing that did not wash up on shore with them was the many pounds of silver and pieces of eight that they had been bringing back from Havana. To this day, the area surrounding Havana is still scoured by treasure hunters in hope that they may recover some of the lost treasure of the 1715 Treasure Fleet.

The lost treasure of The 1715 Treasure Fleet.

 The lost treasure of The 1715 Treasure Fleet.

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