The lost treasure of The Lost Treasure of Pogue Station, Nevada.



Where is the lost treasure of Pogue Station, Nevada?

The lost treasure of Pogue Station, Nevada stems from one man who had the perfect combination of good timing, entrepreneurial spirit, and friendly character that makes one a legend. That man was William Pogue, who would later become to be known as the “Miser” of Little Smokey Valley. Pogue happened upon a freshwater spring one day that was along the main road that led into Nye County. Knowing this was the only water between Eureka and Duckwater, Pogue saw his chance to seize the opportunity and make some money for himself.

That was exactly what he did, as he got busy building a station, a horse barn, corrals, and some other buildings. He became Stationmaster and dug a hole to reach the spring quickly and easily. Pogue made money by meeting the needs of those that were passing through, but also needed a place to rest and fresh up a bit. He would provide nightly accommodations for them and he would also sell food and water to them. He furthered his entrepreneurial skills when he persuaded the stage line managers to hire him to supply the feed and water to the stage line and he also convinced the Nye County officials that he should be paid for maintaining the road in his area. In the little free time that Pogue had, he used it to do his own investigating in a mine that he had found. Reportedly, the mine was very lucrative. It’s thought that Pogue earned approximately $25,000 a year.

However, Pogue was very thrifty with this money. Although it was thought that he had a lot of it, he rarely left Little Smokey Valley, making trips only when he needed supplies or other business-related items. Many people living within the town thought that he hid his money near the station. The system seemed to work for Pogue, who continued on that way for approximately twenty years. It was on May 15, 1915 that a visitor happened upon Pogue’s dead body in his cabin. The visitor helped as much as he could at the time and then ran to get help. The news was quickly sent to Duckwater and the following morning, Ralph Irwin went to the valley and got Pogue to take him to a hospital. Pogue had already had a stroke by then and was paralyzed from the waist down. William Pogue died on May 19, 1915.

After his death, much investigation has been done in his background. Because Pogue’s buried money is thought to be approximately $200,000, many people have visited the valley but have left empty-handed. However, there has been some treasure. In 1917, two people who lived in Duckwater came across some coins in approximately the same place they thought Pogue’s treasure would be buried. John Hoyt, a prospector who was surveying the land in 1936, found eleven dollars hidden around the station. The buildings that William Pogue had built himself are almost all torn down now, due to enthusiastic, and sometimes careless, treasure hunters.

The lost treasure of The Lost Treasure of Pogue Station, Nevada.

 The lost treasure of The Lost Treasure of Pogue Station, Nevada.

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