The lost treasure of The Kiln Canyon Treasure.


Where is the lost Kiln Canyon treasure?

During the 1870s, there was a lot of mining happening in Nevada. The lead-silver smelters were very busy and charcoal was needed to keep these operations running. Three ovens were built on top of McCann Summit. The ovens were constructed in a unique beehive shape and it was from these ovens that the wood contractors turned pinyon trees into charcoal and then sell it to the smelters.

One day, a contractor from Portugal was owed quite a bit of money from a Tybo smelter. He collected his money and made his way back to Tybo so that he could hire more contractors for woodcutting. Along his way to Tybo, he divided his money and took a section of it to hide along his travels. He did this same thing with any money that he received as he was saving as much money as he could so that his family could one day come and join him in America. After hiding his money securely enough, he continued on his way to Tybo. Close to the spot where it’s thought that he hid his money, he was found dead, where his horse had thrown him. The contractor died instantaneously when his neck broke.

One of the contractor’s workers later stated that his boss would always go northwest of a dugout that was across the street from the beehive ovens. Based on the length of time that his boss would always be gone for, his worker guessed that the money would be approximately three-quarters of a mile away. There were also no trees that were built around the ovens, as they had all met their fate with the wood contractors much earlier.

Many people have fled to the McCann Summit to search out the contractor’s money. The total amount of money is thought to be approximately $5,000 but someone has yet to find it. Tybo has become an abandoned place that only holds traces of life lived long ago, including this lost treasure. However, for any treasure hunters that want to try their hand at it, the treasure can be found somewhere near the three ovens that still sit atop McCann Summit in Nevada.

The lost treasure of The Kiln Canyon Treasure.

 The lost treasure of The Kiln Canyon Treasure.

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