The lost treasure of Holden Dick’s Stolen Treasure.


Where is the Holden Dick’s stolen treasure?

In March 1881 there was a wagon that was filled with hundreds of pounds of gold. The wagon was coming from Nevada and heading to Sacramento however, it was stopped by one robber in Modoc County. Although the wagon was guarded by three burly men, the robber simply killed two of them and the third guard and the driver were soon to surrender. The robber forced the driver and the guard to get out of the stagecoach and begin walking south. The two men did so and after hitching his horse to the back, the robber set off in the direction of the Warner Mountains. It was within these particular mountains, on the western side, that it’s believed that he buried the stolen goods.

Talk of the crime soon passed and the mystery of the treasure was long forgotten when a Pitt River Indian, who came to be referred to as “Holden Dick,” started appearing in the local bars and businesses. Holden Dick would stay for a time spending time with the townspeople and then he would disappear into the mountains for a short time. When he returned, he would have large amounts of gold ore with him.

The story began that he was operating a secret mine in the mountains. Each time upon his return, the townspeople would try to befriend him and get him to tell them what he was doing up there in those mountains. But Holden Dick would never tell. They took it so far as to have Holden followed in the hopes that he would lead them right to the secret mine. One day one man named Samuel B. Shaw started asking so many questions and irritating Holden Dick so much, that Holden shot and killed him. Holden Dick was soon arrested for the murder of Shaw and was taken as a prisoner. One day, four guards of the jail took Holden out to the street and took turns beating him and kicking him, looking for an answer as to where his secret treasure was. But still Holden Dick would not talk.

Authorities eventually determined that Holden Dick did not have a secret mine but in fact knew where the buried treasure was from five years before. After some investigation, there was a cave discovered that believed to have been the home of Holden Dick when he went to the mountains from time to time to live and set up camp. However, the last of Holden Dick’s stolen treasure still has yet to be found. It’s thought to still be in any one of the canyons that comes from Eagle Park on the western side of the mountains. Holden Dick also once built a very basic wall that blocked the entryway to the cave but it’s thought that it hasn’t survived throughout the years.

The lost treasure of Holden Dick’s Stolen Treasure.

 The lost treasure of Holden Dick’s Stolen Treasure.

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