The lost treasure of The Lost Treasure of Oak Island.


Where is the lost treasure of Oak Island?

Oak Island is a small peninsula located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was the summer of 1795 and there were three boys by the names of Daniel McGinnis, John Smith, and Anthony Vaughn were playing on the island. Daniel was the first to notice an area of ground that seemed to have been recently dug up and then recovered. The three sixteen-year-olds were quite curious as to what was hidden under the dirt and so they began digging. They quickly became very excited about finding buried treasure!

After digging two feet down, the boys came across flagstones purposely placed inside the hole. Flagstones could not be found anywhere else on the island. Taking out the stones, they saw that they were digging out a hole that had already been dug before. Their excitement was continuing to mount and so they kept digging. They dug down ten feet deeper when they discovered a platform of oak logs that had been built. Taking out the logs and setting them next to the flagstones, the boys continued to dig. Twenty feet down and they came upon another log platform. The boys continued to dig until they reached thirty feet down and then they could no longer dig the holes by themselves. They were hoping that they could convince someone to help them dig deeper but no one would help. The boys told their story to just about anyone who would listen and while they were convinced that they were about to run into buried treasure, no one else paid much attention to their story. The boys dug no more and the place was left as it was for several years.

John Smith’s doctor, Doctor Simeon Lynd then found out about the boys’ quest for treasure and becoming intrigued himself, he decided to invest in the digging of the hole and the search for treasure. Doctor Lynd gathered a team and worked to get ninety feet down into the hole. Once they reached that depth, the team discovered another log platform and more flagstones. The stones had a code inscribed into them. None of the team members could determine what the code said so it was taken to a professor to decipher it. The professor told the team that the code said “Forty feet below,” indicating that there was treasure forty feet below those stones.

Other teams began to take interest in the project and begin to invest as well. By that time, it had become a major operation. A second tunnel had started to be built after water kept seeping into the first hole. The second hole was being used so that workers could go down in the second hole and tunnel over to the first. As large as the operation started by three young boys became, no treasure was ever found. One gold coin was found and that coin was dated 1317. Because of that coin, it’s believed that treasure is still buried here but it’s certainly going to take a very ambitious treasure hunter to find it!

The Oak Island Money Pit

The lost treasure of The Lost Treasure of Oak Island.

 The lost treasure of The Lost Treasure of Oak Island.

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