The lost treasure of Rommel’s Lost Treasure.


Where is the Rommel’s lost treasure?

Among many other things, World War II brought about many stories of lost treasure. Whether it was because the Nazis wanted to hurriedly get rid of the loot they had cruelly acquired or whether it was just because they had long distances to travel and did not always want to carry their heavy treasure, it’s believed that much of this treasure can be found in different places around the world but mostly of course, in Europe. The story of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel is just one such story.

Rommel was in charge of the Nazi military in their operations in North Africa. He was stealth and brave and for this he became known as “The Desert Fox.” Already having gained control of North Africa, he was ordered to move through Egypt, taking the Suez along the way and moving into India. However, during this time foreign currency was often held up to scrutiny and Rommel didn’t want his mission being compromised because he was using foreign currency. Because of this, Rommel would not accept Deutschmark’s that Fuhrer had offered him but instead demanded that he be paid in gold and silver coins as well as diamonds. Now that he had currency that was gladly accepted everywhere, his move through North Africa went just as planned.

Rommel though met up with trouble just as he was about to take control of the Suez as well. Here there were British troops that were determined not to allow the Nazis to also take the Suez. Coupled with that was the fact that the American troops, commanded by General Patton, were also due to land in the Suez and were prepared to fight Rommel for the Suez. Because of all of the opposition he would be facing, Rommel was quickly forced to retreat. He first took his troops to Tunisia and then to Sicily however, the enemies kept attacking. He was soon ordered to make his way back to Europe’s mainland so that he could help defend the western front. Rommel had a problem in that he still had too much currency on him to take back. He decided that burying it would be his best plan but because Italy had just surrendered, he couldn’t bury it on Italy’s mainland. So he ordered the money to be sent on a submarine to Corsica where it could then be buried.

It was April 1943 when a crew of Germans used a U-boat to get to the east coast of Corsica. Waiting until after nightfall, the crew disembarked the boat and took the treasure with them. They buried it in the mountains, the bays, or the marquis, no one is exactly sure where. Afterwards, they climbed back aboard the U-boat and headed out onto the Mediterranean on their way home. During their trip, an American ship saw the German boat and started to follow it. Eventually the Americans sunk the German boat and the entire crew sunk along with it. Rommel himself died a few short months later.

There has been no documentation stating that Rommel’s treasure has been found, despite the countless searches that have taken place in the area. Those living in Corsica believe it is still guarded. It’s interesting that not even twenty years later, in 1961, a diving school was established in the nearby area. While a lot of diving took place under the direction of the diving school, the school didn’t have any students. Add to these suspicions that the owner of the diving school was eventually found dead by his own hand spear, and the story becomes even more suspicious.

The lost treasure of Rommel’s Lost Treasure.

 The lost treasure of Rommel’s Lost Treasure.

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