The lost treasure of The Holy Grail.


Where is the the Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail started as the cup that Jesus drank wine out of during the Last Supper with his disciples. Since that special event, it has become so much more, namely one of the world’s greatest lost treasures. The cup is said to hold special powers and although its location is unknown, there are certain places, or people, in history that have been known to have the Holy Grail within their possession at one time or another. There are even places today that claim to have the Holy Grail, but these are just artifacts as the Holy Grail is perhaps one of the world’s most mysterious lost treasures.

The 12th century poet, Robert de Boron stated in Joseph d’Arimathie that an apparition of Jesus appeared to Joseph to give him the Holy Grail and Joseph then sent it to those who followed him in Great Britain. Other writers built on this theory and stated that Joseph used the Grail to catch the blood of Christ while he was burying him. The legend goes that Joseph then formed a line of guardians in Britain to guard the Grail and to keep it safe. The Grail then continues to be an important piece of history that included King Arthur. The poet Chretien de Troyes was the first to write about the Grail being associated with the Arthurian cycle and these writings seem to use the Grail as part of Christian belief and Celtic myth. Here, the Grail is said to be certain to have miraculous powers.

Many historians, researchers, and treasure hunters are still on the lookout for the Holy Grail today. The Knights Templar are attributed to having possession of the Grail but this is largely thought to be only because they were enjoying the height of their power when stories of the Grail first began to spread. The Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral claims to have possession of the Grail but this is widely thought to only be a replica. It’s also thought that Saint Peter took the Grail to Rome sometime in the 1st century and from there it was thought to have gone to Huesca, Spain by St. Lawrence during the 3rd century. According to this legend, the monastery San Juan de la Pena, which is in Huesca, was put in charge of protecting the Grail during the Islamic invasion.

Some archaeologists believe that the Grail is a 1st century Middle Eastern stone vessel that could have come from Antioch, Syria, which today is known as Turkey. It’s believed that it looks like an authentic Middle Age artifact, adorned with gold, jewels, and alabaster. It sits on top of a detailed stem with a base and has been used by many individuals including many Popes.

Genoa, in Italy, has also been said to have possession of the Grail. This Grail was thought to be made of the precious gem emerald however, after Napoleon fell as France’s leader and the chalice was being transported back to Italy, it fell onto the road. The fragments that remained were not emeralds at all but simply green glass. The idea that this was the Holy Grail has since been greatly discredited. Other stories claim that the Grail rests in a castle of Munsalvaesche, where it was given to Titurel, the first Grail King. Still others lay claim that it is actually the Montserrat sanctuary in Spain that can truly say that they have the actual Holy Grail. Others believe that it is in the earth underneath the Rosslyn Chapel or that it will only be found in the spring of Glastonbury Tor. Some think that lineage ancestors were entrusted to keep guard of the Grail while some counter that with the idea that the Grail lies in Nova Scotia, in the area that is known as the “Money Pit.” Some people in Accokeek, Maryland believe that the Grail is still in their possession, after a priest brought it over on a ship overseen by Captain John Smith. And one more theory states that Irishmen brought it over to the United States and gave it to their descendants in the early 19th century. Those that believe this theory believe that it was kept in a small abbey, in what would be Minnesota today.

The lost treasure of The Holy Grail.

 The lost treasure of The Holy Grail.

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