The lost treasure of Lost Treasures of the Titanic.


Where are the lost treasures of the Titanic?

As soon as we all saw James Cameron’s adaptation of Titanic, we all started wondering just what lost treasure lay far beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean on that ‘unsinkable’ ship. It’s actually how the movie started, with a group of treasure hunters using the latest technologies to view and investigate the inside of the Titanic. Of course, the rare blue diamond that Rose DeWitt Bukater held was fabled and only served to further on the story of the movie. But the fact that there is real lost treasure somewhere on the great ocean liner can’t be denied. And now today, just a few of those lost treasures are starting to come to light. Even if they haven’t been found yet.

It’s estimated that about 5 percent of the actual treasure that was on the ship has already been found. That means that there’s still 95 percent that has yet to be recovered! And with the wreckage disintegrating and deteriorating at a much faster rate than anyone expected, this lost treasure only has a very limited time before it’s gone forever. What is at the heart of most searches now is the same thing that was the foundation for the search in the movie – diamonds.

These diamonds belonged to two men who came from Switzerland when they first boarded Titanic. These two men were brothers and they brought with them onto Titanic a shipload of diamonds. And a whole lotta diamonds at that! This shipment is said to equal today about 300 million dollars, which is about 200,000 British pounds. These diamonds have not yet been found but researchers and divers are working hard to recover them.

Some say that searching the Titanic for lost treasure is wrong and that it comes very close to grave digging. However, those that are looking for the treasure defend this. They state that it’s better to uncover these treasures and to piece together history so that future generations may learn from it, than to let it lie rotting at the bottom of the ocean. They also state that any treasure recovered from the Titanic would be held for display purposes only, and that they would never be sold in any way.

The Titanic lays in international waters, which leads some to believe that anything still aboard it is free for the taking. But, if you have the gear and the ambition to travel down into sea and through those very, very deep waters, it might serve you well to know that it’s only the RMS Titanic, which is the company that built the ship, that has actual real rights to anything found onboard. Some of the other items that they are hoping to recover are pieces of luggage from the first-class travelers and some registered mail.

RMS Titanic

The lost treasure of Lost Treasures of the Titanic.

 The lost treasure of Lost Treasures of the Titanic.