The lost treasure of Silver Treasure in Pennsylvania.



Where is the Silver Treasure in Pennsylvania?

Legends of Captain Blackbeard have been throughout history, however, this one is has been recorded and if anyone could find this treasure would be a very rich individual. In 1811, Captain Blackbeard commissioned by the British Admiralty was asked to raise the wreckage of a Spanish galleon off the shores of the Bahamas Islands. During this time, England and France were at war and the English wished the cargo to be taken to an American port safe from hands of Napoleonic France.

Captain Blackbeard did manage to raise the ship and made it to Baltimore. He then contacted a warship to tow the ship and all of its treasure to an English port.

While having a few drinks at a Baltimore tavern in June of 1812, Blackbeard was met with Peter Abelhard Karthaus, which was a famous privateer of the time. He informed Blackbeard that he knew of the ship that he brought to Maryland and that it held $1,500,000 worth of silver bars.

Now, Blackbeard knew his voyage was going to be even harder to accomplish between the French and the pirates, he did not have much of a chance of getting the treasure safely to an English port across the sea.

He then decided to go by land and rivers. Going through the land route through Canada would be safer and was only around 400 miles through rugged terrain. His route would be to follow the Susquehanna north to where Williamsport is today, then to Sinnemahoning River until he made it to Emporium as we know it today. Then they would have to travel 23 miles over the Keating Summit to the Allegheny River close to Port Allegany. This entire area was known to trappers, traders, and of course hostile Indians as Canoe Place. All that they needed to do was to follow the Allegheny to the mouth of the Conewango Creek and then up to Chautauqua Lake. Then he could just go down to Lake Erie very easily. Britain at the time controlled Lake Erie, so it would be the closest English port to secure the treasure in English hands.

The silver bars were placed into wagons with false bottoms. The terrain and wilderness held many difficulties that Blackbeard had not expected. They had to build rafts on two occasions, and during one of the turbulent events on the Susquehanna River, the raft capsized and they lost the oxen and the wagons into the river below. By the time they reached Clinton County, Blackbeard was fed up. America and England were now also at war and Blackbeard could not trust anyone they met along the trail.

Blackbeard decided to bury the treasure for safekeeping until he could safely get it to the English. Fort Niagara was blocked and Lake Erie was full with American boats, the only choice Blackbeard now had was to bury the loot.

Sometime during the summer of 1812, close to the village of Keating Summit the treasure was buried near an old saltlick. To this day, no one was ever told the exact whereabouts of the treasure from the Spanish galleon.

The lost treasure of Silver Treasure in Pennsylvania.

 The lost treasure of Silver Treasure in Pennsylvania.

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