The lost treasure of Treasure at Davis Mountain.



Where is the lost treasure at Davis Mountain?

The exact date was not recorded; however, a bank vault in Monterey, Mexico and a church in Matamoras, Mexico were robbed. The treasure included many rawhide bags of $90,000 Mexican dollars, 93 bars of solid gold bullion, bags of gold and silver, a statue of the Virgin Mary and one of Jesus made of pure gold, and a cigar box full of diamonds. These treasures were loaded on a smugglers train and left Mexico heading north.

Somewhere along the way, it is belied in southeastern Arizona; the train was robbed by a gang of bandits. These outlaws traveled through Skeleton Canyon and buried their treasure on what they all called Davis Mountain. You can search all day long on any map of Arizona and you will never find a place called Davis Mountain. However, the outlaws left behind directions to their stolen treasure, but no one knows the reason no one returned to retrieve their loot.

The directions to this infamous treasure were spoken by one of the outlaws on his deathbed and were accounted as:

Go west across the plains to Davis Mountain, a bald, rounded granite dome visible for miles. When you get to Davis Mountain, keep going west for around 1 to 1 miles until you see a canyon. The east wall of the canyon is wooded, while the west is sheer rock. The creek will plunge over a ledge into a small cataract about 10 feet high and Silver Spring flows into the canyon on the west end. Close to the spring is a very tall juniper tree. Under this juniper tree is a grave that is marked with slabs of stone. At the head of the grave, there is $500 in gold buried there in a tin can.

Now, go up the canyon and south of the Silver Springs, keep going south you will run into Gum Spring. However, you want to stop in between the two where you see scattered bush. Here you will find the remains of a burned wagon. The wagon can be found on the west side of the canyon near the shallow cove. At the deepest part of the cove, you will find a stone marker that is 3 feet high, 1 foot thick and square shaped. On the east side of the stone marker, you will see two crosses. Now, stand and face Davis Mountain walk twenty paces and you have the treasure.

The lost treasure of Treasure at Davis Mountain.

 The lost treasure of Treasure at Davis Mountain.

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