The lost treasure of Death Valley.



Where is the lost treasure of Death Valley?

During the 1870ís, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Range, Desert Steamers, Desert Steamers were used to haul the silver ore from the silver mines. Many stories about the different steamers used this time talk of lost treasures.

If you go treasure hunting around Death Valley the best places to go by legends are Owens Lake, Lake Tahoe, Meadow Lake and Donner Lake. All had steamers crossing them with loads of silver ore, lumber and other treasures.

One such story that has been passed down through history is one telling about $200,000 in gold bullion, which was lost on either the Bessie Brady or the Mollie Stevens. The stories were never exactly told in the same fashion or even mentioning the same steamer. However, the money amount and Owens Lake were in each tale.

Another tale that has been in circulation since the early 1900ís also occurred on the same lake, Owens Lake. The story was told by the captain of the boat. He had on board his steamer two wagonloads of gold bullion, somehow one of these wagons slid off the boat and into the lake. The one wagon had not chained to steamer as it should have been and high winds is believed to have knocked it overboard. The tale goes on to say that the wagon and a small portion of the gold was retrieved, however, much of it still lies at the bottom of lake.

One other incident, which is not supported by any documentation, was the alleged loss of a wagonload of bullion that was being carried on one of the steamers before their demise. The tale, originated by a man who said he heard it from the captain of the boat, contends that the steamer was carrying two wagons loaded with bullion when one slipped off into the lake. Allegedly, when a high wind hit the bullion-filled wagon, not sufficiently chained to the deck, the wagon was swept into the lake. The tale continues that while the wagon and some of the gold was recovered, a good amount remained in the depths of the water.

Owens Lake is nothing now more than a dusty empty hole in Inyo County, California. The water was drained by the Los Angeles Aqueduct to divert the water from the Owens River and runoff from the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The gold and other valuable treasure has not been found as of yet, but discoveries such as a 300 pound ship propeller and a 400 pound hand wrought iron anchor prove there was a lake at the location. Gold and silver ore are there it is just a matter of seeking it out.

The lost treasure of Death Valley.

 The lost treasure of Death Valley.

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