The lost treasure of Opata Mine.



Where is the lost treasure of the Opata Mine?

Opata Mine is located somewhere close to Tumacacori Mission just about 45 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. Spaniards built the Tumacacori Mission in hopes of converting the Papago and the Opata Indians to the Catholic religion.

The missionaries not only wanted to covert the Indians, but they also wanted to use them as slaves to mine the silver ore they had discovered in the various mines around the area in 1766.

At the back of the Opata Mine was where the silver was stored in the center of the large room. As the legend goes, this back room was not only the storage for all the silver, but was also used by the Indians for their pagan religious rites. It is believed that some of the Indians must have been listening to the preachingís and when they noticed a Mayo Indian princess traveling alone in the desert, they were certain that she was the next Virgin Mary.

Because of their strong conviction, they kidnapped the Mayo Indian princess and informed her that she would marry their chief and produce a child savior. The princess did not wish to have anything whatsoever to do with this marriage and proclaimed that she would rather die than marry the chief. The Indians made a decision that if she would not marry their chief they would sacrifice her to their gods.

On their only day off from the mines, they took the princess to the large pile of silver in the back of Opata Mine and tied her there. She was given more last chance to agree to the marriage proposal. Once she refused again, the chief then cut her hands and rubbed a poison into her blood explaining that when the sun touched her cuts she would die. As the sun began to shine through into hole in the ceiling of the room, the Indians began their pagan ritual, singing and dancing around the princess.

The missionaries heard the sounds but by the time they reached the mine, they found the dead Indian princess tied to the silver. This enraged the missionaries, because the Indians were ignoring all their teachings and sticking to their paganís way. They sealed the mine and left the princess along with all the silver.

To this day, the princess and the silver remain in the sealed up Opata Mine.

The lost treasure of Opata Mine.

 The lost treasure of Opata Mine.

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