The lost treasure of Henry Starr’s Bank Loot.


Where is Henry Starr’s Bank Loot?

Henry Starr was the nephew of the famous bandit Belle Starr, he was known all around Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas as The Cherokee Bad Boy. He first started his criminal habits in 1892, in Oklahoma along with gang, which included Frank Cheney, Kid Wilson and Happy Jack, among others. They robbed stores, banks and train depots all throughout Oklahoma during 1892. In December 1892, the Cherokee Bad Boy shot and killed US Deputy Marshall Floyd Wilson while he was trying to arrest him. Only after one year of these devious crimes, seven members of the gang were dead. The only remaining members in the summer of 1893 were Kid Wilson and Henry Starr, the Cherokee Bad Boy himself.

During a quiet vacation in Colorado Springs with his new wife on July 3, 1893, Cherokee Bad Boy and Kid Wilson were arrest. AT this time, the Starr gang had stolen $20,000 but when captured only $500 in gold and $1,460 in cash were retrieved. He was sentenced to death, however, Theodore Roosevelt commuted his sentence and he was back at his criminal career by 1904.

For a while, the Cherokee Bad Boy seemed content but with other states such as Arkansas trying their best to extradite him for crimes he had committed in their state he hid in the Osage Hills, where he found some of his old partners in crime. Once again, bank robberies were abundant in the state of Oklahoma and Starr was once again arrested. He was given a parole in 1913, with the stipulation never to return to Oklahoma.

However, nothing stopped the likes of the Cherokee Bad Boy, the worst bank robberies in history of Oklahoma occurred in 1914 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While robbing a bank in Stroud, Oklahoma in March of 1915, Starr was shot and arrested. He was sentenced up to 25 years in prison but was paroled in only 4 years.

He decided to clean up his act and began producing movies, the first one being the Stroud robbery. This career seemed to take off with other bank robbery movies. He became very popular and movie companies asked him to stage bank robberies for their movies. However, the Cherokee Bad Boy had bank robbery in his blood and this good clean career did not last long. While filming a movie in Stroud, Oklahoma he robbed the bank in Chandler, Oklahoma and then another one in Davenport, Oklahoma. He still wanted to stage bank robberies and was negotiating with a California film company when he was shot and killed, yes robbing a bank. On February 23, 1921 in Harrison, Arkansas, the Cherokee Bad Boy would not rob another bank.

During his 32-year career of bank robberies, he robbed around 21 banks and stole loot in the amount of $60,000. The only words that have been spoken concerning the whereabouts of any of the stolen banks money were uttered by Starr himself with his early robberies. He stated the money was hidden “...near the border in a place nobody could find it in a million years.” It is believed that the goods are hidden in Stevens County, Kansas somewhere along the Cimarron River.

The lost treasure of Henry Starr’s Bank Loot.

 The lost treasure of Henry Starr’s Bank Loot.

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