The lost treasure of Murder Rock Treasure.



Where is the lost treasure of Murder Rock?

As the legend goes as told by one of Alf Bolin’s outlaw gang members is that Alf buried gold and silver from many of his famous robberies close by a cave in the Fox Creek Hills area.

This is quite possible since most of his devious robberies took place on Pine Mountain, which is commonly referred to as “Murder Rocks”. Pine Mountain is just south of Kirbyville, Missouri and only 10 miles south of Forsyth, Missouri. There is a new highway there now, which is around 60 miles east of the old road, which Alf Bolin and his gang use to take. The old road passed by the limestone rocks called “Murder Rocks”.

These famous rocks were where Alf Bolin and his outlaws would hide in awaiting until travelers came by and then they would rob and murder, thus the origin of the name.

The cave is believed to be around two miles southwest of Old Mincy Store and Mill. Remember, if you go in search of this buried treasure, it was not buried in the cave. The cave was only used as a marker so Alf Bolin could find his treasure once it was buried. More information regarding the exact location of this cave is vicinity of section 20, township 22, Range 20 in Taney County, Missouri.

Many people have heard the story about the treasure, passed down from members of the gang; however, no one has find even one gold coin since the treasure was buried in the 1800’s.

Bolin was not a likeable sort and many in the area prayed for his demise. During the time of the Civil War, Bolin of course, was robbing whomever he could while the men folk were off fighting. He would frequent the home of a friend in the area by the name of Foster, until one day when Mr. Foster, a Confederate soldier, was captured by the Union army. One brave Union soldier made a deal with Mrs. Foster, if she would help capture Bolin, that her husband would be freed. This was the demise of Bolin, he came to visit the Foster’s and while enjoying a meal, the Union soldier posing as a sick Confederate soldier beat Alf Bolin to death with a fire poker. His head was placed on a pole in Ozark for all to see. When he died so did the whereabouts of his booty.

The lost treasure of Murder Rock Treasure.

 The lost treasure of Murder Rock Treasure.

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