The Lost Breyfogle Mine


The story of The lost Breyfogle mine.

When you begin your search for the Breyfogle Mine you will soon learn that there is more than one story begin told about this infamous mine. The most popular is something like this.

Charles C. Breyfogle was living around Austin, Nevada and was working either as a mill worker at a quartz mill at Big Creek about 16 miles south of Austin or as a blacksmith in Austin in 1863. He enjoyed searching for unfound mineral deposits all around the area, which he did every chance he got. On one of his expeditions, he discovered a ledge that would have him returning time and time again.

As the legend goes, Breyfogle took two horses on this trip and headed west from Austin. He camped and then climbed a low hill. There he discovered a large amount of red quartz scattered with free gold. He worked all afternoon gathering samples of this gold. He returned to camp after several hours of mining only to find both horses gone! He spent the rest of the day searching for his horses and they were not to be found. He then spent the night in the desert without food and water. The next morning, again without food or water, he began his search for his horses. He finally passed out from the high heat in the desert and awoke in a Shoshone Indian Village. After his recovery, he headed home to Austin.

He talked with his employer, Dave Buel, concerning his gold find and wanted him to help him file claim on his find. Breyfogle went searching once again for the small hill and the abundant gold, but never found any signs of it. He did find the Shoshone Indian village but never the gold.

There have been many mines in the area around Austin and perhaps one was the lost Breyfogle mine. Some of the other mines in the area include Johnnie mine, Chispa mine, and the Round Mountain mines. One such mine was found in the 1930’s with a marker that was inscribed "BY.FOGLE 1863". However, no one knows for sure if this was a sign left by Breyfogle or if his mine is still unfound.

The Lost Breyfogle Mine

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