Hermit John’s Gold


The story of Hermit John’s Gold.

In the early 1900’s, a prospector by the name of Hermit John found a ledge of gold somewhere southwest of Amboy. Today you could find this area in the Sheep Hole Mountains or the Calumet Mountains.

The legend states that Hermit John along with his trusty mule came into Amboy to send sacks full of quartz ore to San Francisco to be refined at a smelter. Several men watched as Hermit John as he unloaded the sack curious as to what they held. The stationmaster noticed that one sack had a hole in it. Hermit John had to dump the ore onto the platform in order to change the bags. Of course, this made all their curiosity fade as to what the bags held. Each and every rock they saw was held together with large clumps of gold. What they saw was wire-gold or leaves of gold filling every crack in the quartz rocks. Hermit John noticed that everyone was staring and quickly placed his find into a new bag.

Later on after the sacks were loaded and ready to go, a man from the group who happened to be a writer, went to Hermit John’s campsite and asked him about the ore. His story was that he stumbled upon an old Mexican or Spanish mine that had been abandoned. He explained that there was shaft and an old arrastra at the mine. During the 1900’s an arrastra was used to grind the ore into a powder in order to free the gold from the quartz rock. He described 2 or maybe 3 graves, some old mining tools and either an old well or another shaft close by his find. By his recollection that he found the mine northeast of Dale dry lake and southwest of Cadiz dry lake.

No one ever saw Hermit John again or every found the location of the rich gold mine. Did he actually tell the exact location? No one will ever know the truth until they happen upon the Lost mine of Hermit John.

Hermit John’s Gold

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