The lost treasure of Lost gold mines of California.


Lost gold mines of California?

There are several lost gold mines throughout California. This did happen a lot more frequent than anyone could imagine during the “gold rush days”. A miner would happen upon a large vein of gold and then by the time he returned could not find the exact location of his fortune. No one really knows the reason this mines were not found again, possibly the terrain changed, lost landmarks, or just confused directions could be the main reasons.

One of these mines is the Lost Cement Gold Mine. This mine has legend states is in the dense woods close to the Sierra Mountain headwaters of the San Joaquin River’s middle fork. The story goes like this. A small group of miners in 1858 found a ledge of red lave similar to cement full of gold. These miners began to quarrel and one member of the group killed another with an axe and then Indians took care of the rest and the Cement Gold Mine has not been found again.

Gunsight Mine, which was found by Mormons near San Bernardino in 1886, brought them fortune. However, Apache Indians killed of many of the Adams Diggings miners and the whereabouts of the mine.

Long before gold rush days, in 1827, Thomas Smith became lost somewhere west of Yuma, Arizona. He climbed a small hill to try to find his location and at the top of the hill, he found handfuls of pebbles that were the color of bronze. He placed the pebbles into his saddlebags and rode off. Several years later in Yerba Buena, which is now San Francisco, he pulled the rocks out and learned that he had $2,000 worth of almost solid gold. He tried his best to recall the location but the mine was never found.

Soldier Mine was found when a group of men was out searching for a kidnapped woman close to the big bend of the Gila River in Arizona. In their saddlebags they had carried back with them $1,800 in gold. However, they could not remember the location where they had the gold.

This is probably only skimming the surface of the actual gold mines that were found and then lost throughout California before, during and after, the gold rush day.

The lost treasure of Lost gold mines of California.

 The lost treasure of Lost gold mines of California.

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