The lost treasure of Lost Gold of Tumacacori.


Where is the lost gold of Tumacacori?

If you are searching for gold around Tucson, Arizona then this tale is sure to peak your curiosity.

Back in 1891, Judge William H. Barnes had a late night visitor, from a man that claimed he was a Spanish priest. He had found a treasure map, in a vault in his church in Spain and had traveled to Arizona to try to find this treasure. The map led the priest to the terra incognita of the Arizona Territory. He asked the judge to help him find a few churchgoing men to help him find the treasure. He was searching for not only the treasure but also trustworthy helpers for his cause.

He and his group of men set off on their journey. The map led them to Tumacacori Mission, which is about 45 miles south of Tucson on I-19. One of the men in the party began digging and an undisclosed distance from the church’s altar. After only a few minutes of digging a small chamber was revealed. The priest descended down into the chamber and came back with several metal cases full of gold bullion. He asked the men if they would only help him take his found treasure to the Southern Pacific Railroad depot in Tucson, they could keep the remainder of the treasure. He was only interested in enough treasure to help feed the poor of this own parish back in Spain.

The group of men did help the priest and he returned to Spain with his found fortune. He left the priests at Saint Augustine Cathedral in Tucson a small donation before his departure.

The group of men could hardly wait until they could return to the Tumacacori Mission and bring home their own treasure; however, this was not in the cards for the assistants. It had only been a few days since they helped this mysterious priest, however, the landmarks were different, or they did not follow the directions exactly. They could not find the location!

Judge Barnes still was in possession of the map that the priest had given him and he tried to find the hidden treasure. The map is now only a memory and the hidden chamber along with the treasure has never been found.

The lost treasure of Lost Gold of Tumacacori.

 The lost treasure of Lost Gold of Tumacacori.

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