The lost treasure of Bone Hill.



Where is the lost treasure of Bone Hill?

There are two stories that have been told about the treasure lost at Bone Hill. The first one is from Indian Lore and is prior to Levasy, Missouri becoming a town. This area of Missouri was where Indians would hunt for buffalo. They would stampede the buffalo and then kill them on this hill, leaving behind only the bones, hence where the name Bone Hill came to be. Settlers arriving to the area found flint-scraping tools, arrowed and of course bleached buffalo bones in very large quantities. The bleached bones came from the bones lying in the direct sun.

The next story that was told about Bone Hill is one of buried treasure and a mysterious light that appears upon the hill. Prior to the Civil War, a family came to the area to farm along with their slaves. They settled Bone Hill and the slaves build a stone fence around the entire acreage. During 1862, there was fierce border warfare going on and the farmer sold his acreage for gold. It is believed that he buried this gold along the stone wall.

The family moved away and promised their neighbors to return in 7 years. The family never did return, however, a mysterious light did appear in exactly seven years in 1869. This mysterious light has appeared every seven years since that time around the location of the stone wall. Some believe it is the ghost of the farmer coming back to find his buried treasure.

Not everyone around Levasy may believe in the buried gold, but many have seen the light. No one has actually recorded searching for the gold. Who knows it may still be there and if anyone would follow the ghost when he appears every seven years, they maybe led to the location of the gold.

The light is scheduled to appear once again in 2009. If you decide to visit the area about that time you only need to travel south of Levasy about 1 miles on the west side of H Highway. You will be able to see the remains of the stone wall. Now, just camp out and wait. Levasy is about 25 miles east of Kansas City on U.S. Highway 24.

The lost treasure of Bone Hill.

 The lost treasure of Bone Hill.

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