The lost treasure of Butlerís hidden gold nuggets.


Where is the lost treasure of the Butlerís hidden gold nuggets?

In Amador County, California back during the gold rush days, a group of African American miners were mining an area close to Sutter Creek. This group of men held the claim to this area and worked the area until they had so much gold that they could not carry anymore out of the area and there was no place large enough to hold the gold that was found. They all left carrying with them the gold they could carry. Only one lone prospector stayed behind and his name was Butler.

As the legend goes, Butler borrowed $600 from a name by the name of Uncle Pompey so he could open up his own claim just around the bend from where the entire group had found gold in Sutter Creek.

Butler began to work his claim and he was right! In one days time his gold pan would be completely filled with gold nuggets. Many people claimed that while using a rocker during for a dayís work would yield around $50,000. Remember, this was during the gold rush era and his find was not kept secret long. Many others heard of this treasure find and wanted a piece of the action; people began to hunt down some of Butlerís old partners to get them to sell interest in the claim. This of course brought about lawyers and lawsuits all wanting some of this huge fortune found in Sutter Creek.

Butler could not handle all the disagreements and court cases. He soon became very ill with a fever and passed away. Upon his death, $80,000 was found on deposit at Mokelumne Hill and about the same amount at Sacramento. However, all of his friends knew him well and understood that many times he would bury his gold nuggets close by where he found them within his claim. As of this day, no one has ever found those gold nuggets buried by Butler somewhere around the bend on Sutter Creek.

The lost treasure of Butlerís hidden gold nuggets.

 The lost treasure of Butlerís hidden gold nuggets.

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