The lost treasure of Busterís buried gold.


Where is Busterís buried gold?

Back in the 1850ís, around Mokelumne Hill, California a black prospector was very lucky when it came to finding gold. He later moved to the San Antone Camp, which was located on San Antone Creek. San Antone Creek was a branch of the Calaveras River. With him, he brought the 136 pounds of gold that he had found at Mokelumne Hill. He brought his gold into the Cuneoís general store where he had it weighed and then went on his way to around ľ of a mile up San Antone Creek where he settled. He built a cabin and began working his claim in a ravine, which became known as Busterís Gulch. The only money he ever used was to purchase supplies the rest he buried in a Dutch oven. A Dutch oven is a large iron pot similar to a skillet that was used to bake items over a fire or in an oven. Buster passed away in 1872, many people searched his home and the land surrounding his cabin in search of the buried Dutch oven. No one ever found either of them.

However, there are two very different tales concerning Busterís death. One is that Charlie Vickers cared for Buster during his last days and he may have found Busterís gold, by following Busterís dog to its whereabouts. A few years after Busterís death, Vickers who spent most of his time gambling and losing, began to show signs of wealth.

The other tale of Busterís demise is one of evil intentions. A man by the name of Smokey Hill had talked of his plan of killing Buster and taking all of his gold. The townspeople really loved Buster and his unusual ways and when they heard about this plan, rushed out to save Buster, but they arrived too late to save Buster from this evil man. Smokey Hill was captured and lynched for his hideous crime. Once again, the tale explains how the entire area was searched and no one found a Dutch oven full of gold.

To this day, Busterís buried gold is still hidden away in the safe place where Buster placed it.

The lost treasure of Busterís buried gold.

 The lost treasure of Busterís buried gold.

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