The lost treasure of Oklahoma.


Where are the lost treasures of Oklahoma?

When most people hear the word Oklahoma, they think about the Oklahoma Land Run, cowboys and Indians, and more recently the oil boom, however, they do not even realize that there are many treasures that were lost throughout history in the state of Oklahoma.

Some of the lost treasures have no exact location; the owners just know that while traveling through the Oklahoma territory their treasures disappeared. One such incident is the story of an Atoka cattleman. All of his gold was lost in Oklahoma most likely close to Atoka. Whether he buried his gold or in fact lost the gold, no one knows for sure.

Other stories are centered about outlaws such as the silver coins that were buried in Le Flore County on the Holsum Valley road. The legend states that around half a bushel of silver coins was hidden by bandits somewhere along the roadside.
More outlaws gangs as tales were told, buried their stolen loot at what is now Roman Nose State Park close to Watonga in Blaine County. More outlaws were inclined to hide their loot in Robber’s Cave State Park close to Wilburton in Latimer County.
None of the names of the outlaws has been recorded but the whereabouts of their treasures have been passed down from generation to generation with the hopes that someone will be lucky enough to find these lost treasures. Some of the most popular tales include hidden treasure nearby Boswell along Boggy Creek, in the ghost town of Ingalls east of Stillwater, and stolen treasure hidden around Kenton in Cimarron County.

Then there were bank robberies such as the one where $50,000 in gold coins was stolen. The outlaw was caught and before he was hanged for his crime he have directions for where he buried the gold coins. No one has ever found the gold coins even after using his directions, which puts the coins close to Rattan at Seven Devil Mountain.

Famous outlaws have also buried or hidden their ill-gotten gains in the state of Oklahoma. Pretty Boy Floyd’s treasures are hidden close to Sallisaw in Sequoyah County. The Dalton gang had no particular spot for hiding their loot however, it is rumored that they normally used caves and one of the favorites were the caves near Sand Springs.

The lost treasure of Oklahoma.

 The lost treasure of Oklahoma.

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